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Lil Sokz announces his return, bringing a new soulful sound to fans with the release of his long-awaited album, ‘Timeless Phase’. The forthcoming record is a follow-up to his 2014 self-titled EP.

‘Timeless Phase’ is composed of 11 tracks. The album spans over meditation songs like “Salvia” and “Hallucinate” to the ambient “Flora,” a mellow chillout ballad with a driving force reminiscent of mother nature. The reggae vibes remain present yet matured, with a more refined worldview.


'Timeless Phase’ is a soul-filled, catchy collection of reminders that love, harmony, diversity, and unity can co-exist in our modern world. The new record includes “Hippie”, an uplifting melodious track that Lil Sokz wrote for his partner, and “Lucid Dream”, a spiritual song that Lil Sokz felt drawn to.

High Stereo Love, Lil Sokz’s publisher, has high hopes for the success of this album. They said, “The new album is so relaxing. The word that describes it best is “balance”. Listeners will find it perfect for healing purposes and meditation.”

Like many before him, Lil Sokz came to Japan to make music. And while he's often labeled with some form of the word ‘soulful’ his style meets at a juncture of many different genres. There’s something about Lil Sokz that is indescribably different — and with his newest project, he's discovered what most musicians spend lifetimes working for — the place where feel-good music meets vital social commentary.

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